Wimbledon tickets

Teh best way to experience Wimbledon live is to actually visit the tournament! Here you can find information on how to get tickets for Wimbledon 2015. An overview of all the information can be found here. There are four official suppliers of Wimbledon tickets.

The Ballot Wimbledon tickets

The Ballot allows you to subscribe for Wimbledon tickets. You need to fill in an application form and can only apply once per household. If you get the tickets you will be contacted by Wimbledon. For 2015 the Ballot is already closed. Wimbledon tickets will be randomly selected for you so you do not know which day or court you will receive tickets for. More information about the Ballot can be found here.

The Queue Wimbledon tickets

Wimbledon is one of the few major UK sport events where you can still buy tickets on the day itself. In the morning, a one line queue opens up. It can be very busy so be prepared to come early and wait for a bit. The park opens at 9:30 but be there a few hours before. Before getting in the queue, make sure to read the guide so you will not miss out on the tickets. More information on getting Wimbledon tickets in the Queue can be found here.

Ticketmaster Wimbledon tickets

Ticketmaster is the only authorised Wimbledon ticket seller. So if you find tickets on other websites, do not buy these! Ticketmaster sells a couple of hundred tickets for court No. 3 the day before play.

Ground Submission Wimbledon Tickets

If you want to get on to court 3-19 you can buy a Ground Submission. This submission can be bought at Wimbledon. Be careful as submission is subject to Ground Capacity and wheather conditions.

Watch Wimbledon tennis 2015 live here!